Within Proximity: Louvre Palais Royal

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The heart of Paris is one of the most magical addresses to stay in and successfully booking an apartment in this district means you get a front row seat view of the best sights and sounds in the city. The first arrondissement is one of the smallest districts by land area and yet, it is jam packed with the most memorable tourist spots and landmarks in the country.

The busiest and most crowded parts of any capital is usually the most expensive and this is true for the 1st arrondissement. However, what the Louvre lacks in affordability, it makes up for with ease and comfort: due to its size, you can easily walk to the Louvre museum or the gardens without breaking a sweat with your apartment as the starting point.

Sights and Sounds in the 1st Arrondissement

Aside from the eponymous Musee du Louvre, the first district is also home to palatial parks and gardens. With the Louvre apartments as your starting point, you can easily reach the following destinations on foot in 15 minutes or less:

Jardin de Halles

Commonly referred to as the lungs of Paris, Jardin des Halles is the highlight of the 1st arrondissement with its wide collection of gardens and vast picture-perfect environment. The garden is situated close to the Les Halles metro station.

Jardin des Halles

Walking Time from the apartment: 5 Minutes

Louvre Museum

Home of the famous Mona Lisa, you can find the Louvre Museum just a mere 10 minutes away from our 1st district apartments. Aside from the exhibits found in the museum, you can also go for a stroll at the nearby garden or take a gander at the stunning glass pyramid which the Louvre is known for.

Musee du Louvre

Walking Time from the apartment: 10 Minutes

Musée des Arts Décoratifs

Home to beautiful pieces of artwork that double as interior decor, the Musée des Arts Décoratifs boasts stunning interior that remind you of Renaissance Paris. The pieces found here are as valuable as the building itself.

Musee des Arts Decoratifs

Walking Time from the apartment: 9 Minutes

Ponts des Arts

Earlier this month, Ponts des Arts was reported to have fallen on one side due to the weight of the locks attached to the famed portion of the bridge known as the “bridge of love”. While the bridge is still open to the public, make sure to schedule a quick visit.

Ponts des Arts

Walking Time from the apartment: 9 Minutes

Musee Grevin Wax Museum

Although technically located within the 9th arrondissement, Musee Grevin is only 12 minutes away from the heart of Paris. The museum not only houses wax creations of popular personalities, it also exhibits artistic creations and includes an entire hall of mirrors.

Musee Grevin

Walking Time from the apartment: 12 Minutes

Jardin de l’Oratoire

Located within the grounds surrounding the Louvre, this small garden is the perfect rendezvous as well as the ideal destination for a long, romantic walk. The garden also offers a view of the Seine.

Jardin de l’Oratoire

Walking Time from the apartment: 5 Minutes

Pont Neuf

Pont Neuf was at one point the newest bridge in Paris, hence, the name: Pont Neuf which means “New Bridge”. However, today, Pont Neuf is also the oldest bridge in Paris having been built long before the city’s modern bridges and buildings were constructed. Pont Neuf, despite its promising name, features Renaissance-era architectural designs and engraving.

Pont Neuf

Walking Time from the apartment: 11 Minutes


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