Foxes in Paris

It has been awhile since Ylvis’ comical tribute to foxes was released on Youtube, but the joy of hearing this unconventional pop song never gets old. Foxes are indeed sly and mysterious creatures, they’re not difficult to find, but spotting them in the urban might come off as a little unusual. Just last year, tourists reported seeing a dozen or so of these feline-like red beasts in Jardin du Luxembourg.

You might not see them prowling the city this year due to the local government’s efforts to control the fox spillage into Paris, but you can still visit them, in their comfy home in Paris’ zoos.

Ménagerie du Jardin des Plantes is one of the most widely visited zoos in Paris. It might be far from the usual tourist path: no gilded buildings, towering structures, or Renaissance-era statues adorn the area, but if you’re here to see rare leopard cubs, a variety of birds, or to simply find out what sound foxes make in reality, take your tykes with you to Jardin des Plantes along the Seine.

While we’re in the topic about foxes, did you know that Fantastic Mr. Fox, the humorous stop-motion film, was also filmed by director Wes Anderson in Montparnasse, Paris?

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