Secret Gardens to Visit in Paris

Louvre Gardens

The parks and public gardens in Paris will be jam packed and crowded with tourists and natives who will most likely be out and about to make use of the cool springtime breeze. If you want to steer clear from busy parks, make your way to some of Paris “secret” gardens.

As you probably know, Paris is home to hundreds of parks and garden courtyards where beautiful variants of flowers and plants thrive. They are often a hit during the spring seasons to tourists and Paris’ natives.

Jardin Catherine-Labouré
29, rue de Babylone
75007, Paris


Jardin Catherine-Labouré is known to be a relaxing venue for a stroll, but within the park grounds is a garden where grapevines and berries are found. Since it is open to the public, you can visit anytime you like.

Hotel Dieu
1, place du Parvis Notre Dame
75004, Paris


Part hotel, part hospital, and part cultural establishment (it is the oldest hospital in Paris, after all), Hotel Dieu’s courtyard garden boasts several statues, a vast variety of flora, and wide pathways for a stroll.

A Night of History and Culture

Louvre Museum

Visiting Paris during the a busy and lively season means you get to take part in all of Paris’ springtime festivals. Participating in these celebrations is probably the best way to unlocking and understanding the beauty and mystery of Paris, so start your rediscovery of the city at the Nuit des Musees, or simply, the “Night of Museums” on 18 May 2013.

Museum doors will stay open and unlocked for the whole night of 18 May 2013, assuring you of your free access to hundreds of Parisian museums and cultural centers. Aside from the opportunity to see different exhibits for free and for extended hours, revelry will also take to the streets on this particular Saturday.

Nuit des Musees
18 May 2013
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